Meet Our Team


Winston Musclier


As the company's owner, Winston is responsible for both maintaining and developing all of the structure, personnel and fields of expertise...
His previous experience of working as a cleaning specialist himself gives him some credible level of expertise to build up upon...


Peter O'Malley

Senior Cleaning Specialist

Working with us well since 1999, he went up a career ladder from Junior specialist all the way to a most Senior cleaning expert.
His dedication to completing each single order in a fashion none less than perfect has made him one of the most popular specialists, who our clients hire more often than anyone else...


Gareth Sprucer

Senior Cleaning Specialist

Gareth, as a majority of us, wasn't born in New York, but rather came here... A US citizen from our island territory of American Samoa, Gareth has always been our most meticulous and thorough specialist. Since his first working day in 2002, Gareth has come a long way from being a Junior.


John White

Junior Cleaning Specialist

John may be our youngest staff member, but that does not mean his skills are inferior. Being just 23 years of age, this cheerful fellow from the sunny British Gibraltar is a real fresh breath of life... His thoughtfulness, ability to quickly learn and adapt and his truly impressive pace/quality ratio makes him an absolutely vital part